Outpatient Treatment

The morning after I checked out of the psych ward I began my “adult partial hospitalization program” which is 2 weeks of outpatient treatment. The purpose of the treatment is 2 fold: to manage my medication that they started the previous week and ensure that it continued to be effective and to also educate me on my illness as well as help me develop better coping mechanisms and thought processes using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

I have been in this program for a week and have already learned a lot. Not only am I learning a lot about bipolar I am also learning a lot about how to identify symptoms in myself which I will discuss separately.

I think that the outpatient program is an excellent resource and I am glad that my wife has been able to support me attending. She is juggling so much now as a single mother and has essentially placed her job in jeapordy in order to ensure that I am able to attend these sessions daily. I am learning that many bipolar individuals put a huge strain on their families and I am just now seeing the impact this is having on my wife.

When attending this treatment I see two types of individuals those who are serious about learning and helping themselves and those who are checking the box because someone told them to attend. I can only hope that anyone attending this type of program takes full advantage of it and is able to move back to the real world as an individual who has the tools to deal with this illness.

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