Hypomanic or Depressed or is this normal?

Last night I started this blog and at the same time I worried if I was getting hypomanic because I was staying up late. I dont think that’s what it was though. I’ve learned something new about myself and want to share my experience.

The fact that I still slept 7-8 hours tells me that I’m not in the hypomanic state because I don’t have the endless energy associated with hypomania. But then today I fell asleep while doing research on bipolar type 2 which is what my therapist thinks I have. So does sleeping in the middle of the day mean that maybe I’m depressed? I dont think so but sleeping in the middle of the day is not normal for me at all.

The questions keep going through my mind, not in a flight of ideas or racing thoughts way but just in a curiosity type way. I want to know my mind and body better now that I know about this condition.

This questioning of my symptoms and my condition is part of the journey I suppose… more to follow.

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  1. I’m hypomanic most of the time lol. Have a good look on my blog and you’ll read how it’s been for me over the last 4 years, hopefully you might be able to relate and find some useful stuff 😊👍


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